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Wellend Health Announces World First Breast Cancer Prevention Trial

14 February 2017 | By Wellend

Well–known Breast Cancer Specialist, Dr Stephen Birrell of Wellend Health at Burnside Hospital, in partnership with U.S. based breast cancer pharmac...

Are Australian doctors’ legally obliged to inform women of their breast density status?

12 October 2016 | By Wellend

QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research have put together a team of QUT legal and medical researchers to investigate the legal issues arou...

Women should be told about their breast density when they have a mammogram

2 October 2016 | By Wellend

A group of senior Australian researchers from five universities and cancer clinics are so concerned that women are not being warned they have dense br...

The Wellend Clinic a centre for new international trials bringing hope of breast cancer treatment

28 August 2016 | By Wellend

At the forefront of breast cancer prevention and treatment, the Wellend Clinic has begun recruitment for two very exciting new breast cancer trials. L...

Cancer researchers hope breast density key to reducing risk of disease

8 August 2016 | By Wellend

ABC News, Australia have reported that a ‘pilot study into breast density among young women is being launched by West Australian researchers in ...

International research partnership with GTx, Inc.

17 June 2016 | By Wellend

Wellend, in partnership with the private Australian research organisation Havah Pty Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a research ...