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Research Centre

The Wellend Health clinic is a leading Australian clinical trials site and centre for research into advanced therapeutics and clinical protocols for the management and treatment of breast disease and hormonal dysfunction.

We collaborate with world leaders and medical science pioneers to support brining new medicines to market and are focused on supporting translational medicine that allows us to deliver patients with greater access to cutting-edge treatment platform.

Over 30 years of focused preclinical, translational and clinical research.

Clinical trials

Wellend Health - is currently involved in a number of clinical trials (Phase I and II) in the fields of breast cancer prevention and breast cancer treatment in partnership with HAVAH Therapeutics (formerly Chavah Pty Ltd)

All clinical trials are performed in accordance with GCP & ICH guidelines.


Participation in clinical studies helps bridge the gap between ground-breaking research and achieving improved patient outcomes and care.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in any of our clinical trials.


Current Clinical Trials

  • Women’s and Children’s Health Update: Breast Density

    In this episode:

    – The causes of high mammographic breast density
    – The importance of breast density in determining breast cancer risk
    – The role of various breast imaging modalities
    – Potential strategies for reducing and reversing high mammographic breast density and the opportunities for lowering breast cancer risk

    Host: Dr Terri Foran, Sexual Health Physician; Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW

    Guest: Prof Stephen Birrell, Molecular and Surgical Oncologist; Clinical Professor, The Dame Roam Mitchell Research Laboratories, Department of Medicine, University of Adelaide; Head, Cancer Services and Surgical Oncology, Flinders Medical Centre

    Total time: 25 mins

  • HAVAH Therapeutics SARM+Ai mammographic breast density reduction

    A Phase II single-centre study investigating the efficacy and safety of GTx-024 and anastrozole in peri-menopausal women with high mammographic breast density.

  • GTx Enobosarm trial 1

    A Phase II open label, multi-center, multinational, randomized, parallel design study investigating the efficacy and safety of GTx-024 on metastatic or locally advanced ER+/AR+ breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

  • GTx Enobosarm trial 2

    A Phase II open label, multi-center, multinational study investigating the efficacy and safety of GTx-024 on advanced, androgen receptor-positive triple negative breast cancer (AR+ TNBC).

  • For information on our current clinical trials to learn more about our research, development and Intellectual Property please contact Ms Amie Bell at hi@wellendhealth.com.

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