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Mammographic Breast Density: A New Era for Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention

9 August 2018 | By Wellend

This article discusses how high mammographic breast density lowers the sensitivity of breast cancer screening and increases breast cancer risk....

Mammographic Density Change With Estrogen and Progestin Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk

5 June 2017 | By Wellend

A re-evaluation of the Women’s Health Initiative demonstrated that women taking cHRT showed a greater increase in mammographic breast density an...

Menstrual and reproductive characteristics and breast density in young women

5 June 2017 | By Wellend

The link between breast density and breast cancer risk is well established, however, this study introduced the association between breast density in y...

Association between air pollution and mammographic breast density in the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium

5 June 2017 | By Wellend

In order to better understand the “environmental contributors to geographic variation in breast density in urban and rural areas,” this st...

Tamoxifen-induced reduction in mammographic density and breast cancer risk reduction: a nested case-control study.

17 May 2017 | By Wellend

This study assessed data from the first International Breast Cancer Intervention Study for mammographic breast density (MBD). “…women who...

Population-Attributable Risk Proportion of Clinical Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

24 February 2017 | By Wellend

A study recently published in JAMA has found that women whose breasts are predominantly made up of more dense, glandular tissue face higher odds for b...

Patients with Dense Breasts Twice as Likely to Develop Cancer in Second Breast

14 February 2017 | By Wellend

Research from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center recently published in the journal Cancer, has found that Breast cancer patients with...

Are Australian doctors’ legally obliged to inform women of their breast density status?

12 October 2016 | By Wellend

QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research have put together a team of QUT legal and medical researchers to investigate the legal issues arou...

Both Doctors And Patients Confused By Dense Breasts

11 October 2016 | By Wellend

“Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among women (second to skin cancer) accounting for 29% of newly diagnosed cancers. A...

Association of infertility and fertility treatment with mammographic density in a large screening-based cohort of women: a cross-sectional study

22 August 2016 | By Wellend

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden have recently published an article in Breast Cancer Research which investigates wheth...