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Is Breast Density Normal?

17 May 2017 | By Wellend

Very dense breast tissue is normal in women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.  But is it normal for everyone else?  ...

The Masking Effect of High Mammographic Breast Density (MBD)

13 May 2017 | By Wellend

In cases of high MBD, a mammogram’s ability to detect cancers is about the same as flipping a coin. ...

Dr Birrell Talks About Breast Density

4 August 2016 | By Wellend

Dr Birrell talks about breast density.  A summary of his key points are below: ‘Wellend’s therapy is a new and very exciting way of treat...

The Mayo Clinic – What is Breast Density

1 August 2016 | By Wellend

Dr Loni Neal from The Mayo Clinic’s Breast Clinic explains breast density in this video.  Below is a summary her discussion. Women age 40 and o...