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Founded in 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia by world renowned breast cancer specialist Prof Stephen Birrell, Wellend Health has grown into a dedicated multidisciplinary team of health care specialists that work together to set a new standard of integrated patient care. Our focus is to deliver women with a one-stop-shop for their hormonal, gyanaecological and breast health needs.

We are committed to being at the forefront of modern medicine and collaborate with clinicians and scientists from around the world at institutions such as the Mayo Clinic in our mission to set a new standard of care for women’s health. 

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Our lifelong commitment to advance women’s health has brought together a globally unique team with complementary skills sets, world-leading experience and a united vision.

Prof Stephen Birrell

Prof Stephen Birrell, BMBS PhD FRACS

Prof Birrell is a breast cancer specialist and an internationally renowned expert in the field of hormonal management of breast disease with a diverse professional and research interests in breast oncology, biotechnology, laboratory and clinical research. His early research was seminal in explaining how conventional hormone replacement therapy increased the risk of developing breast cancer and was one of the first to identify the importance of androgens in the regulation of breast disease and hormone replacement therapy.

As a founder, entrepreneur and inventor, Prof Birrell has enjoyed an extremely successful 30-year career championing innovation in both clinical medicine as a breast cancer specialist and surgeon as founder/pioneer of three leading Australian multidisciplinary breast centres, in both the public and private sectors, and in medical research and development as a distinguished medical innovator and widely published molecular oncologist in leading journals, including Nature. Prof Birrell was the founder of Australia’s first public and private multidisciplinary breast cancer clinics, a model that is now accepted as the only way to assess breast disease, and Flinders University’s internationally recognised and novel lymphedema management clinic.

Prof Birrell is a consultant to the internationally acclaimed Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories at Adelaide University run by his long-term scientific partner, Professor Wayne Tilley. Prof Birrell is a National Cancer Institute (USA) certified cancer trialist.

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Shelley Birrell

Shelley Birrell, BA

Mrs Birrell has had a diverse career in medical education and administration. As a consultant to the Scholes Group in Cincinnati Ohio, she undertook clinical practice evaluations, then went on to manage a large National Institute of Health funded multi-centre trial of a new form of medical education that resulted in changing the way clinical skills are taught in the USA and Australia.

After moving to Australia Mrs Birrell continued with medical education research and training and has been involved in the development of early-stage clinical trials. Subsequently, Mrs Birrell has been instrumental in transitioning cutting-edge life science IP into Wellend.

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Dr Michele Brooke-Davey

Dr Michelle Brooke-Davey


Dr Michele Brooke-Davey is a Breast Clinician with a special interest in women’s health, preventative health, breast screening programs, patient education and counselling.  In addition to comprehensive general practice care, she also has postgraduate training in anaesthesia, intensive care and paediatrics including neonatal care.

Dr Brooke-Davey studied science at the Flinders University of SA in 1978 and studied medicine from 1979–1985 including overseas studies in France in 1985. After postgraduate training at Flinders Medical Centre, she started work in General practice in 1990.  She has been involved in the teaching of medical students and was awarded status by the School of Medicine at Flinders University of SA.

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Dr Penelope Dargaville

Dr Penelope Dargaville , MB, BS, FRACGP, M Clin Ed, Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Penelope has worked in general practice since 1983 and has a long term interest in the mind body connection, particularly in chronic illness. Penelope has undertaken training in clinical hypnotherapy and offers treatment for a variety of medical and psychological conditions, provided they have been fully diagnosed and assessed.

Conditions treated with hypnotherapy include chronic pain, menopausal and gynaecological symptoms, and functional gut disorders. Treatment is also offered for depression, anxiety, phobias and habits- including smoking, alcohol and other drugs.

At Wellend Health, Penelope offers an initial assessment to determine treatment suitability and format, and develops a plan for a course of treatment. If appropriate, hypnotherapy would usually be undertaken at this first session.

Treatment may consist of three or four sessions, although some conditions may require either more or fewer sessions.

Although no referral is required, communication will be given to recommending practitioners.

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A/Prof Susan Evans



It is with mixed emotions that Wellend Health announces the retirement of A/Prof Susan Evans from clinical practice.

A/Prof Susan Evans will not be idle. She has taken on a larger role at the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia and will continue with her Alyra Biotech work researching a novel intrauterine device to reduce pelvic pain in women. These activities will allow her to improve the pain management options for women with endometriosis and pelvic pain on a larger scale.

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Amie Bell

Amie Bell

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Claudia Sette

Claudia Sette


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Cheryl Lennon

Cheryl Lennon



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Kim Genrich

Kim Genrich


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The Wellend Story

Committed to delivering the best care

For 30 years, Prof Stephen Birrell has been fascinated by the effects of hormones on the breast. Working as a breast cancer specialist he desperately wanted to solve this puzzle in the hope of reducing the incidence of breast cancer in women. In 1997 he completed a PhD in molecular endocrinology, particularly focusing on the effect of androgens (testosterone) on breast tissue. His groundbreaking work in this area is now highly regarded by the international scientific community and has since spurred much laboratory work around the world.

On the path of trying to discover a cure for breast cancer, Prof Birrell learned much about what happens to a woman’s hormones throughout her life. Through continued study, laboratory and clinical trials Prof Birrell developed breakthrough improvements in aromatase inhibitors, utilising them in combination with specific hormonal therapeutics in order to reduce debilitating side-effects which severely limited the existing treatment’s efficacy through poor compliance. Prof Birrell has gained the support of AstraZeneca and the Mayo Clinic in the research and development in this work.

This work led Prof Birrell to specialise on the therapeutic response of specific hormones on the breast tissue and he gained tremendous insight into their impact on mammographic breast density. Over the past few years Prof Birrell has developed an efficacious and safe treatment to reduce high mammographic breast density.

This leads us to the present day where our clinics are treating an increasing number of women with high mammographic breast density in order to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer, reduce the aggression of tumors in those who develop breast cancer, to improve screening for breast cancer and improve hormonal availability during periods of hormonal depletion.

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