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Wellend Health was founded with a simple purpose in mind, to stop women dying of preventable breast cancer.

We improve the standard of care for women at high risk of developing breast cancer by advanced alalysis of an individual’s risk factors and implementation of appropriate screening and hormonal therapy.

Our research and development is run by Wellend’s sister company Havah Therapeutics, a biotechnology company specialising in the development of hormonal therapeutics targeting breast health.

Breast Density Management

Reducing breast density (as seen on a mammogram) reduces the risk of devoloping breast cancer.


Management of Hormonal Therapies

Manage your hormonal therapies without increasing mammographic breast density


Gynae & Sexual Health Services

Women who have hormonal dysfunction often have gynaecological and sexual health complaints.


Breast Density Treatment

Reduce your risk of breast cancer


Women with high breast density have increased risk of breast cancer and false negative mammograms. It has been clearly demonstrated that reducing breast density significantly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer or having a cancer missed during a routine mammogram. As part of our advanced patient care program patients undertake more comprehensive imaging and hormonal regulation to reduce mammographic breast density.

What does our patient care do?

Reduces breast density.

Reducing mammographic breast density has been show to significantly reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.

Improves early breast cancer detection.

Lower mammographic breast density improves early cancer detection and reduces mortality.

Reduces side-effects caused by inadequate hormone availability.

Our patient care has been shown to reduce the debilitating symptoms caused by lack of hormonal availability during menopause.

About breast density

What is breast density?


Breasts are categorised as dense if the ‘active’ tissue (lobules, ducts and fibrous connective tissue) create thick white “clouds” on a mammogram that make it difficult to see cancers. 


Abnormal or high breast density is a manifestation of hormonal dysfunction that is genetic and/or acquired (eg caused by external factors such as pollution or by taking hormonal altering medication such as contraception, HRT; or not having children or having first child at 30+, etc ).


Breast density isn’t based on breast size, shape, firmness or lumpiness. It can only be detected by a mammogram.




Images and information from American Cancer Society



What does it mean to have high mammographic 
breast density?


Women with high mammographic breast density are 4 to 10 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with low breast density, depending on their other individual risk factors. Therefore, reducing high mammographic breast density will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Dense breast tissue makes it more difficult to see breast cancers on a mammogram and is the number one reason cancers are missed on mammograms. Consequently, it is important to seek out specialist advice with regard to your breast screening as a screening mammogram on its own is not likely to be sufficient. An MRI or ultrasound may also be necessary. At Wellend we ensure our patients undergo a specialised ShearWave ultrasound in addition to other diagnostic screening to minimise the risk of a ‘false-normal’ diagnosis.

For more information please visit our Education Centre or check densebreasttissue.info


Hormonal Balance

Ease symptoms – Improve overall health


More women than ever before are suffering from unwanted symptoms due to hormonal dysfunction.
Industrialised modern living increases hormonal imbalance and inadequacy. This can effect women of all ages, however, most women experience the worst symptoms in the decade leading up to menopause.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms on the left, it may be more than just stress or ageing. Untreated hormonal dysfunction can lead to serious health issues.


Low energy
Breast soreness
Difficulty concentrating/memory loss
Anxiety, depression and/or mood swings
Low libido/sexual functioning
Sleep disruption/night sweats
Hot flushes
Muscle aches and joint pain


Overall wellness
Increased energy/stamina
Improved mental functioning
Feel peaceful, less anxious, irritable or sad
Improved libido/sexual function
Alleviates breast pain
Minimise hot flushes
Reduce risk of osteoporosis and arthritis
Reduce risk of breast cancer

Our treatment

Many women opt not to take conventional HRT because they are either too young or are put off by the side-effects which include increased breast cancer risk, blood clots and stroke.

Hormonal treatments offered at Wellend Health are tailored for an individual's age and hormonal status.


  •       Individualised treatment
  •       Reduced breast cancer risk
  •       Alleviates breast pain


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