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Wellend Health Announces World First Breast Cancer Prevention Trial

14 February 2017 | By admin H

Well–known Breast Cancer Specialist, Dr Stephen Birrell of Wellend Health at Burnside Hospital, in partnership with U.S. based breast cancer pharmaceutical company HAVAH Therapeutics Inc., announced the recruitment of the first women to receive a unique drug combination to reduce mammographic breast density.

Reduction of mammographic breast density has been demonstrated to reduce breast cancer instance and is a well–recognised surrogate marker for breast cancer risk.

The medication under study, Enobosarm, is a unique oral small molecule drug that works like testosterone without the side-effects and will be taken in conjunction with a medication that is usually used only in post-menopausal women. Dr Birrell says that “targeting women before they enter menopause with high breast density — a known major risk factor for breast cancer — we are hopeful that the breast tissue will become less prone to cancer formation.”

According to Dr Birrell, “Improvements in treatment are great but what the world needs is prevention.”


Wellend Health operates state-of-the-art breast health specialist clinics in Australia, focused on individualized breast cancer risk assessment, management and prevention in high-risk women. The Wellend clinic’s diagnostic and therapeutic treatment program specialises in the management of women at high risk of breast cancer and those with high breast density. High breast density is a leading independent risk factor for getting breast cancer and the primary cause of missed cancers during routine screening. Wellend aims to reduce breast cancer risk and aid in early breast cancer detection for women with high breast density.


HAVAH Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of novel therapeutics for the prevention of breast cancer.


For further information about, or to participate in the breast cancer prevention trial please see press contacts below.

Wellend Health
Attn: Helen Franzi
Attunga House, Burnside War Memorial Hospital 97 Hewitt Avenue, Toorak Gardens South Australia, Australia 5065

HAVAH Therapeutics
Attn: Nicholas Birrell
228 Hamilton Avenue, 3rd Floor, Palo Alto, California, U.S.A. 94301